Exploring the Role of Commercial and Industrial Load Flexibility in Demand Response

September 2022

Join the inaugural C&I Load Flexibility Interest group session on September 14th at 12:30 Eastern, 9:30 Pacific. At this meeting we will share the needs identified to create this new interest group, introduce you to the co-chairs and get your feedback on the proposed agenda for our Interest Group Session during the upcoming PLMA 46th conference.

This new interest group has been created to address head-on the challenges and opportunities for load flexibility in the C&I space. Your feedback is invaluable to refining focus on the topics already identified and to help address new topics we have yet to encounter. Some themes we may discuss can be found below. Please be prepared to share any C&I Load Flexibility insights or needs you have with regards to these or other C&I focused topics:

  • Resiliency and decarbonization
  • Policy and regulatory initiatives
  • Implementation challenges
  • Enabling Partnerships
  • Customer engagement

Feedback received during this session will be used as a basis for further discussion during our dedicated Interest Group session on Monday, Nov. 14th of the 46th PLMA conference. We look forward to a lively discussion on September 14th!

Vasudha Lathey, Olivine
Andy Taylor, Duke Energy
Tom Roberts, IGS Energy
Bruce Brazis, Arizona Public Service

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